His story. By Javier Salgado. The Salgado family, is a family business that has been developing and selling olive oils since 1875.

The business was founded by my great grandfather, Rafael Salgado Cuesta.
He was also the founder of ‘Hermes Seguros’, the first company to market a film in Spain (in fact it brought cinema to Spain for the first time).
In addition, he was the founder of the ‘Banco Mercantil’, the predecessor to Spain’s ‘Chamber of Commerce’.
During his time as President at the bank, he was the only person who would dare to finance the building of the ‘Santiago Bernabeu’ stadium.
Speaking of olive oil, the family business started with a shop in “Calle Infantas” (Madrid), selling olive oil in animal hides.
Its quality gained so much in popularity that it had to go to Jaén to buy olive groves and a mill for grinding, to grow the business.
At the same time, their entrepreneurial nature led them to contact other merchants who requested its quality, thus becoming the leading company at a national level.
Today, the name Rafael Salgado is a reference within the olive oil sector in Spain.

The RS-Rafael Salgado Brand sells more than 14 million kilos of olive oil per year. It specialises in quality oils for the Hospitality sector and the export of olive oil to more than 125 countries.
The Salgado family has always been concerned with quality, specialization, service care and brand image as symbols of guarantee.
The RS – Rafael Salgado brand is one of the three top Spanish exporter brands and distributes to more than 125 countries.
In Spain it is currently the leading brand of Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil used in the hotel industry.
RS – Rafael Salgado”. It is widely found in hotels and at restaurant tables with their oil and vinegar dispensers.
It can also be found as gifts in wooden boxes exclusively in the rooms of some of the most emblematic hotels such as the Hotel Palace.
We cannot plant an olive tree at the table so instead we provide a bottle of exquisite quality.



Creation of the company Salgado y Cia S.A.


Acquires the company ‘Sociedad Anónima Exportadora Sotomayor (SAES)’


Symbolic and historic conference on the Olive Oil Sector in Spain by Rafael Salgado Cuesta

Symbolic conference by Rafael Salgado Cuesta 1935


Olive Oil Dispatch

UCA had become a necessity, but there was still no mass packaging, so it was very common for olive oil to be dispatched with ration cards in times of famine and later on in everyday consumption.


Presentation of glass bottle containing Olive Oil

Represented an enormous innovation in terms of the quality improvement in packaging.


Salgado S.A with a new board of directors plans its promising future.


Beginning of the company name ‘Rafael Salgado’ and the RS oil brand.


Export Award

Rafael Salgado became one of the first companies to export to the US, being among the top 5 Spanish oil companies exporting with their own brand.


Other prizes

Spanish Hospitality Award Cooks Association Gastronomic competition prize Appreciation Diploma Retamar College

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