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10 de July, 2017

What does high oleic sunflower oil contain? P

High oleic sunflower oil has a very similar fat composition to that of olive oil. P

It is largely composed of monounsaturated fatty acids, given that more than 80% of its content is made up of oleic acid. Although it does have a percentage of less than 10% linoleic acid, which is polyunsaturated, oleic acid is more stable in heat and withstands a frying temperature much better.

As a result, it can be adequately preserved for a much longer period of time than normal sunflower oil.

It is much more similar to olive oil with its capacity to withstand high temperatures.

* More information: Composition of high oleic sunflower oil- TECHNICAL DATA SHEET OF OLEIC HIGH SUNFLOWER 80% RS

High oleic sunflower oil has a neutral taste and aroma. This ensures that it does not interfere or modify the taste of the food, and also makes it more palatable for people who do not like the taste of an intense oil, as can be the case with an olive oil, for example.

What is high oleic sunflower oil used for?

The main uses of sunflower oil include the following:

Food Uses

It is mostly used in confectionery for the production of breads, biscuits and baked goods in general due to its long preservation period. It is also used as a substitute for hydrogenated and animal fats due to the fact that its lipid content is much healthier for our body. P

It is ideal for frying and similar processing because it can tolerate a temperature increase of up to 180-200 degrees Celsius without spoiling, and it can be reused.

Its high Oleic content ensures that during frying a film is created on the surface of the food to avoid the absorption of oil and therefore makes the food crunchy.

This characteristic is very similar in behaviour to that of olive oil, precisely because it contains similar percentages of oleic acid.

It is also an excellent preservative.


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