20 de February, 2017

The Subbética area is considered to be one of the areas where the best Extra Virgin olive oil is produced in the world.

This is made possible by the tradition, the land, and the good work of the workers and producers.


‘Hojiblanca’ and ‘Picuda’ olives are two of the most common olives and they offer the best qualities for health out of all olive oils. This is due to their large number of polyphenols, antioxidant qualities highly valued by expert nutritionists and scientists who value our Mediterranean diet.

For all these reasons we chose the place: Rute, where olive trees are located on the mountain of the Torres farm. The oil from ‘Hojiblanca’ olives is rounded to a sweeter fruit by the ‘Picuda’ olives.













Torres Farm

In order to afford the oil greater quality, this farm has a plant soil with more nutrients for the tree than the rest of the area and the soil has less limestone too. The olive is picked from the tree during the maturing phase commonly called “darkened olive”. This combines to give a fruity herbal aroma with leaves that have a balanced bitterness and spice.









Toquera Farm Mill

We looked for a mill that fulfilled the most demanding conditions:

Exclusively ground olives collected from the trees, caring for the quality of the olives.

Immediate coordination during the gathering period for the olives, and the elaboration process, a period less than 6 hours in total.

A mill in which the process can easily be controlled without error when mixed with other oils / olives.

It is important that the temperature of the pressing and blender is accurately controlled at all times.












Darkened olives before collection

Gathering periods for the ‘Hojiblanca’ olive

‘Hojiblanca’ olive after picking it from the tree

Javier Salgado with the workers and the owner of the farm, Bernabé Padilla




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